Kanak to gain Uma’s confidence in Tu Sooraj…

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Aditya gets trapped in Kanak’s plan. She burns his nose. Aditya goes to complain to Uma. Maasi tells Uma that Kanak has burnt Aditya’s nose. Kanak wants to bring Maasi and Aditya’s truth out. Maasi tells Uma that Kanak is their enemy, she has burnt Aditya’s nose, when she couldn’t prove him wrong. She asks if Kanak’s bad accusations not enough to hurt Aditya. Uma asks when did Kanak do this, she is not around. Aditya says just five minutes ago. Uma says she has gone for a bath, how can she do this. Aditya asks Uma to check once as he is surely not lying.

Uma goes to the washroom and asks Kanak to answer. Maasi says she will answer if she is there. Aditya says she is not there inside. Kanak comes out and does a drama to show concern for Aditya. Aditya asks her not to act smart. Uma asks Aditya to mind his language. Uma tells Kanak what Aditya is saying. She tells him that Aditya is lying, how can she burn his nose when she was in washroom, she can’t be at two place.

Kanak reminds even Aditya proved he can’t be at two places when she accused him. Aditya argues with her. Uma calms down Aditya. He says I will apply ointment, come with me. Maasi says Kanak is giving wounds and you are talking of aid, this would will leave a mark forever. Uma asks her not to worry. After Uma goes, Aditya and Maasi argue with Kanak. Kanak tells them that she is police officer’s daughter, she knows how to manage everything, he can never trap her. She teaches a lesson to Aditya. She tells Aditya that she will expose his true face soon. Kanak says whenever you see your face in mirror, you will remember this lesson, I promise till your wound heals, I will get your true face out. She asks Maasi to think of the bad time beginning for her. She says you have applauded your son when he misbehaved with a girl, then this had to happen with him, he looks better like a joker.


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