Satrupa shows her heartless avatar in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Satrupa reaches Banaras and meets Anami’s foster mother. She tells the reason for her coming. She tells Madhu that she has come to take Laddoo/Lakshya with her. After a long argument, Satrupa asks her to permit her to take her son. Madhu has always lost Anami. She asks Satrupa how can she come to snatch her children. Satrupa reminds that she has given birth to Anami. She tells Madhu what’s happening in Lal Mahal, how sorrow has over controlled Anami, so she has come to take Lakshya for Anami’s sake. Madhu refuses to send her son with her. She asks Satrupa to do anything she wants. Satrupa starts threatening her the same way as before. She asks Madhu to think for her family and decide. Madhu starts hating her more.

Dadi and Anami bond over tea. Dadi tells him about her love story. Anami teases her. Dadi teases her about Adhiraj. She tells Anami that she is keeping an eye on her as she worries for her. Anami shares her heart.


Madhu asks Satrupa is she heartless or shameless, for deciding for their lives. When Lakshya comes home, he gets scared the witch of his dreams in front. He wants to avoid Satrupa. He expresses his dislike towards her. Satrupa tells Madhu that Anami and Lakshya can stay happy together. Adhiraj gets informed about Pujan’s goon, who is getting away for hideout. Adhiraj sends his team to nab the culprit. He feels Vatsalya’s case will get solved soon. Sudha troubles Baldev by her presence. She shows her fake concern. He yells on her fake drama. Madhu agrees to send Lakshya for Anami’s sake. She convinces him. She fears losing her children to Lal Mahal.


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