Roshni to support Sanjana in Sasural Simar Ka

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Sanjana gets trapped by the stranger again. He forcibly hugs her in front of Sameer. Sameer misunderstands her again. Anjali created this trouble for her. Sanjana is blackmailed by Sahil. He sends her the MMS and demands 2 lakhs from her. When Sanjana goes to pay him and end the matter, Sahil creates a misunderstanding in Sameer’s mind again. Sanjana throws the money at Sahil and shouts at him.

After she leaves, Anjali meets Sahil and discusses her plans. Roshni reaches there in disguise of police inspector. She catches Sahil and Anjali red handed. She consoles Sanjana and promises to support. Anjali shows her true colors. She tells them to do anything, she doesn’t care. Sanjana gets a huge shock knowing Anjali has planted Sahil to break her relation with Sameer. Anjali asks him to tell the family if they want. Roshni tells Sanjana that she was suspecting Anjali and now she will expose her true face to the family.






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