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Meri Durga:
Durga gets a new task by SP. Sanjay asks her to keep the diyas glowing, else she will be failing in the challenge. In the mehendi function, Durga dances holding the diyas. She doesn’t let the diya blow off. She protects the diya from all hurdles. She is determined to get the sports academy letter. She tells Sanjay that she will not let him succeed in ruining her career. Sanjay tries to blow off the diya. Durga fails his motives.

Neil, Avni and Juhi celebrate Diwali with Mishti. They sing a song for Mishti and dance with her. The family plays Antakshari. Bebe also adds stars in the party. Bebe and Shweta’s naughty bond is seen. The family celebrates happiness. Mishti gets to see a happy united family. They want Mishti to know festives. Neil gifts everyone, except Avni. Avni gets annoyed with him. Neil romances her. He gives her a sweet gift. They have a sweet moment.


Mohini asks Harak to stop Harman and Preeto. Harman says I will not tolerate anything against Preeto. Mohini asks Preeto for the house keys. Preeto refuses to her. A new drama begins. Harak supports Mohini. Preeto says you have no right on it. Mohini tries to snatch the keys. Harman makes an entry. He takes the keys from Preeto and keeps it with him. Mohini gets scared of him. Harman shows his angry avatar. Mohini tells Harman that he won’t be here all the time, after he leaves, she will give poison to Preeto or make her fall down the stairs. She asks Harman how will he save Preeto. Harman sits there and tells Mohini that he will not leave now. Preeto gets happy.

Siddhi Vinayak:

Siddhi gives a challenge to Vinayak. She teaches him dance. She asks him to wear heels and dance, so that he gets the difficulty out of his mind. Siddhi dances. Vinayak gets impressed seeing her. He gets mesmerized. Siddhi asks him to learn the steps. Vinayak’s movie launch is close. Vinayak wears the high heels and tries to walk. He manages to walk well. Siddhi gets surprised when he completes the task.

Woh Apna Sa:

Nisha gets mad in anger. She reaches Samar in the hospital. She tries to kill him, knowing he cheated her. Nisha suffocates Samar. She tells him that this is the result of cheating her. Nisha doesn’t pity him. She tells him that he was wrong to get Jia by making her out of his way, and now he is going to die. Nurse comes there. Nisha gets away from Samar. She asks nurse to attend Samar. Nisha leaves Samar. She threatens Samar. Samar thinks he got saved from Nisha. Nisha does his accident to kill him. Jia and Arjun have a moment. She stumbles and falls on Arjun. She tells Arjun that Nisha is a mean woman, she ruins people’s lives. Arjun doesn’t believe Jia.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya does a sword fighting stunt with Chote Thakursa. Diya makes him lose the fight. She tells him that he doesn’t have any right on Thakursa’s sword. She opposes Ratan’s decision to give the sword to his uncle, who doesn’t deserve it. She asks Ratan not to be so generous. Diya risks her life to save Ratan. Priya wants to get Ratan murdered. Diya fails the attempt. She wants to fight with the death, before it reaches Ratan.

Suchi prays to Kanha. Gopal blesses her. Suchi wants Pihu to meet her mum. She asks Kanha to help Pihu. She gets her devotion and belief back in Kanha. She can’t see Gopal. He does a magic. The diya glows. Suchi sees the diya lighting up and realizes her prayers will be answered. She senses Lord is seeing her. Gopal answers her prayers. Suchi tries to bring Pihu and her mum together.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Sanjana gets trapped by the stranger again. He forcibly hugs her in front of Sameer. Sameer misunderstands her again. Anjali created this trouble for her. Sanjana is blackmailed by Sahil. He sends her the MMS and demands 2 lakhs from her. When Sanjana goes to pay him and end the matter, Sahil creates a misunderstanding in Sameer’s mind again. Sanjana throws the money at Sahil and shouts at him.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni and Parth come home from shopping. She makes him do all her work. Parth gets tired. She makes him run around to help her for baby’s sake. The family laughs seeing Teni teaching a lesson to Parth.