Anika’s romantic plans get a twist in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz New entry brings troubles for Anika

Dinky plays the video of Obros’ fun dance with Piya. The video plays in Dadi’s birthday party, which shocks the entire family. They worry about the guests who would make a wrong impression by watching the video. Obros’ respect gets on stake. It gets worrying for them more, as they don’t want their family to get hurt. Fortunately, Anika, Gauri and Bhavya stay unaffected after seeing the video. They show their trust on their partners, which turns into a huge relief for Obros and family. Dinky gets a shock when Anika and Gauri still find their husbands loyal and true. They reveal that Shivay and Omkara tried to tell them the truth. Dinky’s plan fails, while she also believes the love between the couples is very strong.

After Dadi’s birthday celebrations, Anika thinks of giving a wonderful surprise to Shivay. She thinks romance is really missing in their lives. Anika plans a romantic date for Shivay.

Anika surprises Shivay. She decorates the room beautifully. She puts many efforts. Shivay gets happy seeing all the preparations. She tells him that she has done all this for him. He thanks her for everything. He asks her why did she work so hard. She tells him that there is much more to see, she has planned many surprises today. He asks her to reveal the surprises. He gets excited. She tells her movie plans. He thinks of watching a movie along with the family. Anika tells him that its their private time, they will watch a romantic movie together, they can’t get family along. He asks her which movie she wants to watch. She gives him hints, getting naughty.


Her plans flop because of a twist. Shivay drinks the orange juice. He gets unwell after having it. She thinks what went wrong. He runs to puke. He gets stomach ache. His state worsens, making her forget everything. Some bhajans play when she tries to play a romantic movie. Anika learns the CDs got changed.

Anika gets caring for him. She gets some smell and tells him that something is burning. They see the curtains catching up fire by the candles. Shivay and Anika worriedly run to put off the fire. Their surprise moments get spoiled. Anika sees Shivay and the room’s state. He asks her not to worry if anything went wrong, since her efforts are much acknowledged and adored. Omkara and Rudra talk to Gauri and Bhavya. They all plan some surprise for Shivay and Anika, so that they can spend some time in private. Gauri says we should better leave them alone at home. The family makes some excuses and leave. Shivay and Anika have some sweet romance.


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