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Dinky to spoil the celebrations in Ishqbaaz

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The family makes Dadi feel special. Anika tells Dadi that she has given a life and family to an orphan. She thanks Dadi for everything. While Obros try to stop Dinky from playing the video, the video plays on the screen and brings a shameful moment for the family. The family gets a huge shock seeing Obros with Piya. Dadi gets speechless seeing her grandsons’ caught up in such a situation. Tej and Shakti start firing on their sons for making a fun of their family in the party. They scold Obros for ruining the family respect by such a cheap act. Obros disappoint the family.

The elders too get into an argument over the matter. The elders get ashamed of Obros. They feel Obros have shattered their pride. Rudra tries to tell the truth, while his brothers stop him. They accept their mistake and apologize. Anika and Gauri learn Dinky has planted Piya to test Obros’ loyalty. Dinky reveals that she has done this to test their trust. She asks Dadi to see the truth of her good valued grandsons. She humiliates Obros for cheating their partners. Anika and Gauri show belief in their husbands. Dinky thinks they are mad to believe them after seeing the video.

Anika tells Dinky that their trust on their husbands can’t be shaken. Shivay and Omkara feel lucky to have their wives’ trust. Dinky tells them that women are foolish to trust men. Anika rebukes her for planning such a cheap thing to prove herself right. Dinky tells them that she was just guiding Anika and Gauri, so that they can’t suffer the pain of a heartbreak. Dinky apologizes to them. The family forgives Dinky for her plan. Piya also apologizes to them. The family gets a united moment again. Dadi is proud that Anika and Gauri supported their husbands. Gauri tells Omkara that their relation has turned stronger now. She asks him not to apologize. Anika tells Shivay that she trusts him a lot. Rudra and Bhavya share a moment. When Anika faints, the family guesses that she is pregnant. Anika and Shivay try to explain them that the pregnancy thing is not true.


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