Naamkarann: Vidyut’s unpleasant surprise for Neil


Diwali celebrations are on a high in Khanna mansion, just for little Mishti’s sake. The family plays Antakshari and spreads happiness to give a happy family feel to Mishti. Neil plans to send Juhi and Mishti abroad, to save them from Vidyut. He doesn’t know Vidyut has already seen Juhi. Vidyut makes a fake call to panic Neil’s family. Neil falls in big trouble. Neil gets the unpleasant surprise from Vidyut. Vidyut reaches there and see his plan working when Neil and his family vacate the house. Even Juhi comes out with them. The media reaches there and catches Neil with their questions. They ask Neil is Juhi alive, why did he lie to everyone that she is dead. Vidyut sees them from far and enjoys the scene.

He answers Neil’s move. He reveals to the media that Neil has lied and did this drama to punish his innocent mum. He gets successful in getting his mum released. Media asks Neil did he had an affair with Juhi, did they together plan this murder drama.

Neil doesn’t know Vidyut is after this media twist. Neil tries to manage the reporters. Neil answers them. He asks reporters to calm down, he will answer everything at the police station, but Mishti is getting scared right now. The media asks Neil about Mishti, whose daughter is she. Neil shouts at the media. He asks them to have some decency in front of a little girl, their questions may disturb her. Neil pushes them away and asks them to reach police station if they want to get answers. The family worries for Neil’s career and name at stake. Vidyut and Ragini pandit get free from police and plan to create a havoc in Neil’s life.


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