Rahul to unveil the temple secret in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya


Rahul decides to take part in the Dahi Handi competition, knowing Thakur will be granting the winner any wish as reward. Lakhan asks Gauri to get prepared for marriage, as he will be winning her hand as reward of his victory. Lakhan and Rahul compete to break the Dahi Handi. Lakhan tries to make Rahul fall down the human pyramid. Rahul manages to break the Dahi Handi and wins the competition. He breaks the records set by Lakhan since 10 years. Thakur congratulates Rahul for his win. Rahul gets a place in the village. Thakur asks him to decide his reward and ask him. Rahul asks Thakur to fulfill his wish as promised. He asks Thakur to allow him to enter the temple.

Thakur tells him that it will be his last day of life, as Kaal Bhairav will punish him if he breaks the rules. Rahul tells him that he is ready to take the risk. Thakur grants Rahul to go inside the temple at night.


Rahul sees the Shivgan aarti happening. He tries to find out how are the things happening. He gets attacked by a dog, but manages to get saved. Rahul leaves from the temple after learning what occurs inside the temple. Next day, Rahul gets attacked by someone. Namrata finds him unconscious and takes him to hospital. Rahul gets a new life. On returning home safely, the villagers believe that Kaal Bhairav has blessed Rahul. They set new superstitions in mind. Rahul tries to find the person who attacked him.


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