Satrupa admits her intentions to Anami in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Satrupa tells Anami that she has done everything to control her. She explains that a mother can never think wrong for her child. She asks Anami to understand this, if she can’t trust her. Sudha tells Narottam that Satrupa is using Lakshya against them. Narottam feels sad for Anami. Seeing him sympathize for Anami, Sudha slaps him. She asks him not to melt his heart for Anami and Satrupa. She fills enmity with him. Anami talks to Madhu. Madhu misses out Lakshya. Madhu asks Anami to find truth and stay strong, and never lose if she is right. She encourages Anami. She blesses her children.

Anami promises to protect Lakshya in Lal Mahal. Adhiraj goes to find the man behind Vatsalya’s murder. He hopes to solve the case. Adhiraj follows the man. He doesn’t want the man to escape at any cost. Anami tells Lakshya that just Madhu is their protector, none can take her place. She asks him not to bond with Satrupa. She introduces him to Sudha. Lakshya gives an answer to Pujan, making Anami proud. Anami asks Lakshya to just respect the one who deserves it. Pujan gets revengeful against Anami and Lakshya. Avdhoot meets Tania on a tea date. He pleases her. Adhiraj goes hunting for the criminal, who tries to leave from the city. He succeeds in nabbing the culprit.


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