Yashpal gets emotional over Durga’s wedding in Meri Durga


Ahlawat family insults Yashpal in front of the guests. Neelkant refuses to keep the mehendi function in his house. He asks Yashpal to do the arrangements of the function at his place. Yashpal agrees to him. Durga doesn’t like Yashpal’s decision. Sanjay agrees to Neelkant, thinking Durga’s house will be right place for the next task. He plans a new challenge for her. Yashpal invites Sanjay and his family for the mehendi function. Durga refuses to give up the challenge. She asks Sanjay to use all his smartness and plan the tasks, since he has to fail to her anyhow.

Durga is helpless to do the tasks for Sanjay. She doesn’t want to hurt her family. The family happily dances in the mehendi and sangeet function. Sanjay plays a new game. He is troubling Durga to take revenge for his parents. He threatens Durga to hide the matter. He wants to insult her and her family. Durga’s happiness gets down when she sees Sanjay. She is asked to do his aarti. Durga unwilling does his aarti. He gives a task to her. He asks her to keep the diya lighting till sangeet ends. She has to get the academy papers by completing the tasks. They are having a Tom and Jerry game. Yashpal gets emotional thinking he will have to do Durga’s bidaai again.



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