High Five Spoilers

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Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay marries Bulbul to keep Mandira away. He wants Mandira to marry Anant. The family gets upset with Vijay’s marriage. The villagers come to congratulate Vijay. The family is against Bulbul. They show their unhappiness in every move. They want to explain him that he did a wrong thing. Vijay avoids Bulbul now. Bhabhi asks him to accept Bulbul if he has married her by his wish. Vijay doesn’t want to accept Bulbul. He leaves from the house to get away from all issues.

Piyaa Albela: Mr. Kapoor gets mad seeing Pooja becoming Naren’s bride. He threatens to kill Naren. Pooja tries to calm down Mr. Kapoor. Neelima and Rahul witness the madness of Mr. Kapoor and make a quick plan to kill him, when they see the sight of Pooja and Naren pointing the gun at Mr. Kapoor. Naren gets accused for Mr. Kapoor’s murder. Pooja doesn’t want Naren to suffer. She takes the blame on her. Pooja gets arrested. Naren will find out Neelima and Rahul’s crime and save Pooja.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Pragya manages to stay with Abhi with an intention of protecting him. Pragya does Munni’s act to keep her lie in front of Aaliya and Tanu. She thinks they will become her enemy if they know she is Pragya. Tanu reminds her about the kids. Pragya blackmails Tanu. She asks Tanu not to hurt the kids, else she will reveal about her to Abhi. She asks Tanu to keep the kids safe and happy. She asks Tanu to think of Aaliya, what will she do if Tanu goes against her. Suhana hires a sharp shooter to get Abhi murdered. Purab feels sorry for Pragya. He tells her that someone is trying to hurt Abhi. Pragya knows Abhi’s life is in danger. Pragya sticks to Abhi all the time to secure him.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Sameer tells everyone about Sanjana’s affair. He accuses her in front of the family. Sanjana sheds tears. Sameer asks Simar to ask Sanjana about her lover. Sanjana has no answers. Sameer says she has ashamed all of us by her doings. Piyush gets angry and holds Sameer’s collar. He couldn’t tolerate Sameer’s blames against Sanjana. Prem stops Piyush from beating Sameer. Simar tells Piyush that they have to give Sameer a chance to prove himself.

Kundali Bhagya:

Sherlyn and Prithvi have romance, and get spotted by Preeta’s aunt. Sherlyn and Prithvi plan to ruin Rishabh and Preeta’s lives. They are not scared of anyone. They don’t think their plan can get exposed. Sherlyn believes in his love. The crazy lovers get overconfident of their plotting. Rishabh suppresses his feelings for Preeta, thinking its too late now. He gets happy in her happiness. Karan’s suspicion on Sherlyn stays the same. He warns Sherlyn that she is getting watched. Can Karan expose Sherlyn and Prithvi? Keep reading.


Mohini starts showing her true colors now. Harman has left supporting Preeto now. He has left from the house. Preeto gets mad in anger. Mohini gets Harak on her side. A shocking twist comes. Preeto asks Mohini to leave from the house, since their plan failed and now Mohini is not needed. Mohini tells her that she has come by their wish, but she will leave by her wish. She refuses to leave. Preeto scolds her.


Chakor lodges a complaint against Bhaiya ji, after learning that he has tried to murder her. She has heard his crime confession, but hides the truth from Suraj, so that he doesn’t get eager for revenge. She doesn’t want father-son duo to turn enemies. Knowing Chakor’s weakness, Bhaiya ji makes a plan to win villagers’ heart. The villagers don’t believe Chakor when she tells them that Bhaiya ji has mixed poison in the tanker. She fails to prove herself. He plays the next move, by gifting a water pump to the villagers.


During the Diwali celebrations, the crackers box catches fire and blast. Neil protects the family. Shweta gets her phone burnt. She worries for the phone. DD tells Neil that Vidyut has learnt the truth, that Juhi and Mishti stay with them. Neil gets informed that someone from the family has sent a message to media. DD gives him the info about the caller. Neil checks the number and gets a huge shock.


The family believes Anika is pregnant, when she shows little symptoms signing such. Anika feels sick and faints. Dinky reaches to the conclusion that Anika is expecting. The family stops worrying for Anika and get happy that a new member is soon joining them. They start making plans for the new Oberoi. The scenes get hilarious and sweet. Anika gets conscious and hears the family discussing about a new member. Shivay learns about Anika’s health issues. On meeting her, he learns about the huge misunderstanding cropped up. The family congratulates him for becoming a dad soon. Shivay couldn’t believe it, knowing there is nothing such. Anika and Shivay try to explain and convince the family that she is not pregnant.


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