Jia to wrap the rebirth truth in Woh Apna Sa

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Nisha has learnt that Jia is acting like Jhanvi’s spirit. She catches Jia red handed when she comes to scare her. Nisha tries to hurt her, by shooting at her. Jia gets shot in her arm. Nisha exposes her. She tells Jia that she doesn’t spare any of her enemies. She reveals how she removes all her enemies off her way. Jia manages to run away. Jia comes to Arjun’s house in the injured state. Arjun sees Jia hurt and gets a shock. She scolds him for telling Nisha about her. He tells her that he didn’t tell anything. They have an argument. She faints down. Arjun helps her.

Nisha spreads her fear. Nisha then lands home to catch her. She goes to tell Kakimaa that she will kill Jia if she comes in her way. Jia gets determined to tackle Nisha, without getting scared. She doesn’t want to get scared of Nisha’s threatening. She hides the fact that she is Jhanvi’s reincarnation. She wants Nisha to think that she is just Jhanvi’s lookalike. She plans to free Babasa first and then prove Nisha’s crimes.

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