Sameer reveals Sanjana’s affair in Sasural Simar Ka

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Sameer tells everyone about Sanjana’s affair. He accuses her in front of the family. Sanjana sheds tears. Sameer asks Simar to ask Sanjana about her lover. Sanjana has no answers. Sameer says she has ashamed all of us by her doings. Piyush gets angry and holds Sameer’s collar. He couldn’t tolerate Sameer’s blames against Sanjana. Prem stops Piyush from beating Sameer. Simar tells Piyush that they have to give Sameer a chance to prove himself.

Sameer asks Anjali to tell them that he is saying true. Anjali tells them that she was with Sameer, and she has also seen Sanjana with a stranger. Sameer presents her as witness. Anjali gives statement against Sanjana. She uses the chance and defames Sanjana. Sameer explains the family that he is equally hurt as they are. Sanjana says Anjali knows the truth, and even then she is lying. Anjali asks Sanjana not to lie to family. Roshni understands Anjali’s planning. She consoles Sanjana.


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