Satrupa gets Lakshya on her side in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh

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Anami and Lakshya miss Madhu. Satrupa sees their bonding. She thinks of influencing Lakshya. Anami keeps her promise to Madhu and doesn’t leave Lakshya alone. Anami leaves for college, giving Lakshya’s responsibility to Poonam. Satrupa meets Lakshya. She tells him that Anami has gone out, but she can have breakfast with him. She explains him about Sudha’s place in Anami’s life. She tries to win his heart by a good talk. She tells him that everyone has their own fears, so he shouldn’t take any stress to stay in Lal Mahal between them.

She tells about Anami and Sudha’s bonding. She says Sudha is taking Madhu’s place in Anami’s heart. Lakshya can’t believe it. Satrupa asks him to see Sudha with Anami. Lakshya finds Sudha caring for Anami as a mother. He really thinks Anami loves Sudha as Madhu. He believes Satrupa.

Adhiraj tries to make the culprit accept the crimes. The man refuses to budge any details. He asks Adhiraj to go ahead and beat him. Adhiraj fails to get any information from him. Adhiraj and Anami meet on a tea date. Adhiraj informs her about the culprit who is tight-lipped about his boss. He asks her to stay alert, as her life is in danger. She tells him about Satrupa forcibly getting Lakshya to Lal Mahal. Adhiraj laughs on seeing Anami dealing with the cafe owner. He finds her very much different. Lakshya misses Anami, seeing her with Sudha. He thinks Anami started changing and will soon forget him.






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