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Naamkarann: Avni gets ready in Suhaagan style. She puts much sindoor in her hairline, recalling Neil’s words, that much sindoor signifies husband’s long life. Avni turns raging in anger when she knows Neil is taking rounds with Juhi. She reaches the mandap and stops Neil from marrying Juhi. Neil was marrying Juhi in front of the family. Avni can’t believe the sight. She breaks their ghatbandhan. The huge twist will be seen in the show.

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara: Ahana meets Anant’s children and bonds with them. She doesn’t know about the deal Laila is cracking with Anant to permit them for marriage. Laila dupes Anant, just like she did with Tarun. Laila asks Anant for Ahana’s financial security in order to clear her own debts. Roshni doesn’t feel bonding with Ahana, feeling she is snatching Anant from them. Ahana understands Roshni’s emotions and fear. Ahana tries to connect with Roshni. Anant is sure that Ahana will prove herself deserving of the new relation.

Piyaa Albela:

Satish and Anuj get a lawyer for Pooja. Pooja supports Naren and tells them that Naren’s lawyer will fight her case. Anuj gets upset with her. He dislikes Naren, as she has always fallen in trouble because of Naren. He asks Satish to let Pooja be with Naren. Anuj angrily leaves. Naren gets Pooja bailed out. He gets her home. Pooja sees Supriya in bad state. She prays for Supriya’s recovery. She wishes Supriya’s troubles come on her, and Supriya gets saved. Naren gets a huge shock seeing Pooja getting shot and dropping down. Naren runs to hold her. Rakesh has turned revengeful against Pooja. Naren didn’t know Rakesh can take someone’s life.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Prithvi plans to kill Aarohi. She reaches the same place where Prithvi killed Sushant. She tries to find clues. Aarohi sees Prithvi having a gun in hand. She gets scared of him and runs away. She hides and calls Deep to tell Prithvi’s truth. Prithvi looks for her. Deep gets a shock knowing Aarohi knows Prithvi’s truth. Prithvi fails to catch her. Prithvi asks Diya about Aarohi’s whereabouts. Diya calls Aarohi and asks her where is she. Aarohi tells her that she is going to meet Lakshya to reveal something about Sanaya’s murder. Deep and Prithvi get shocked learning this. Deep asks Prithvi to stop Aarohi.

Meri Durga:
Sanjay has bitterness for Durga. He is hurting Durga on his parents’ saying. He plans some task for her on the marriage day. Annapurna makes Durga ready. Durga comes for the marriage. Sanjay and Durga get remarried in the mandap, with everyone’s blessings. After the marriage rituals complete, he makes a plan to humiliate her. Sanjay creates a big drama to insult Durga in front of the media. He wants to take revenge. It gets very heartbreaking for her. He brings her truth out, and tells everyone that she was dying to marry him, she has played the game and insulted his parents by the fake accusations. She understands Sanjay still cares for her, but his hatred is overpowering his mind. Durga decides to prove her innocence to Sanjay.

Siddhi Vinayak:
Siddhi gets shattered when Zai dies. She tells the family that Vin Kundra is the one who did injustice with Zai. The family gets revengeful against Vin. They ask Siddhi not to leave Vin at any cost. Siddhi wants to get Vin punished. She determines to meet him with the motive of ruining his life.


Harman comes back to Soumya. He looks much upset. Soumya asks him the matter. He tells her that its not necessary that he tells her everything. He sits thinking of Preeto’s deceive. Soumya tells him that she will not ask anything, till he feels he should share the matter. She sits by his side and supports him. Harman gets emotional. He is scared to lose Soumya. He thinks how his family is opposing his love. He feels sad about his fate. Soumya is getting tough tasks by Gurumaa. Gurumaa is doing this on Preeto’s saying. Surbhi meets Soumya and warns her to be ready of Gurumaa’s next task.


Amba learns Raj is cheating Mannu. Simran lies to her on Chandar’s saying. Chandar manipulates Rohan and Simran, to get an entry home. Chandar wins Rohan’s trust by taking the credit of Mannu’s efforts. Simran tells Amba that Raj is cheating Mannu. Chandar asks Amba to get alert and counter Raj. He tries to get an entry in the house. He promises Amba that he will separate Raj and Mannu forever.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Devi accompanies Adhiraj to office to help him in work. Devi becomes his secretary. She manages the files. They get working on the new big project. She offers him tea. She solves the tangles electric wires. Adhiraj gets a shock by the light bulb. Devi saves Adhiraj once again. She pushes him when the bulb blasts. She gets hurt while saving him. Adhiraj sees Devi’s wound. He feels guilty. He does the aid to his wound. He hugs her to protect. They have a moment. Devi sees his humane side and gets glad that he is connecting to her pain. Maasa’s plan backfires again.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Aditya tries to molest Kanak. He wants to take revenge for the slap. Kanak shouts and seeks help. When Kanak blames Aditya, Maasi starts accusing Kanak that she is trapping Aditya. She asks Kanak to stop herself. Aditya points a finger at Kanak’s character. Uma scolds Aditya and asks him not to dare point at Kanak, as his wife is not characterless. Uma gets angry on Aditya. Maasi stops Aditya, realizing Uma’s belief on Kanak in strong. Kanak loves for Uma is very much true. She tells him that she will always fulfill her duties, even if he stops her. Seeing Kanak’s concern, Uma turns regretting over their relationship’s status. Kanak wants Uma to know Maasi is the mastermind behind Aditya’s crimes.


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