Aditya turns upset with a forced makeover in Tu Sooraj…

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Kanak is trying to change Aditya. She is finding new ways to trouble Aditya and Maasi. Maasi’s bad days have started. Kanak throws water on Aditya. She wakes him up early morning. Uma asks him to come for breakfast. Kanak asks Maasi to bless Aditya, as he is going to start a new life today, he will be walking on Uma’s path. She asks him to give new clothes to Aditya. Kanak and Uma are trying to mend Aditya so hat he can adjust with them. Aditya makes excuses to avoid the desi clothes.

He tells Kanak that he doesn’t wear such clothes. Kanak says you will have to wear this, as Maasi doesn’t like anyone breaking Uma’s rules. Maasi silently sees Kanak’s doings. She can’t oppose Kanak in front of Uma. Maasi is upset as Aditya’s truth is exposed. Aditya gets a new avatar in the traditional clothing.

Uma gets glad and tells Maasi that they have waited for eight years to get their Aditya. He tells Aditya the strict schedule followed in his house. Aditya gets troubled. He thinks he has run away from home because of Uma’s troubling habits. He has got back to the same trap. Kanak throws Aditya’s guitar and phone. She gives him Manjire in return. She asks him to play Manjire and better obey Uma, as Uma doesn’t forgive anyone going against him. Aditya tells her that she can get his attire changed, but he is still the same by mind and heart. He asks her to be careful from now on. He asks Maasi to do something. He challenges Kanak that he will fail her motives.


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