Devi saves Adhiraj’s life in Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre


Devi and Adhiraj have an argument. He tells Devi that his heart will never change for her, as she is just like footwear for him. He insults Devi. He says even if you act good towards me, I will never give you wife’s rights. He is stuck between Devi and Maasa. The goons reach them and attack Adhiraj. Devi gets worried seeing Adhiraj injured. She tries to save him from the goons. She gets a boulder to scare them. The goons leave Adhiraj. Devi shows her angry side to save Adhiraj’s life. Devi puts Adhiraj in the car. She drives the car and takes him home.

Adhiraj’s state gets bad. Devi calls the doctor. Devi gets concerned for him. Her emotions get evident. She takes care of Adhiraj. She does her duties. Doctor does the bandage to Adhiraj’s wound. Devi stops Maasa from meeting Adhiraj. Maasa had sent the goons to attack Adhiraj. She knows this and asks Maasa not to meet Adhiraj, as she has lost the rights now, Adhiraj needs treatment, not her concern now. Maasa worries for Adhiraj. She regrets for her doings. Maasa was trying to make Devi away from Adhiraj. She didn’t know Adhiraj’s life will fall in danger. Devi doesn’t want to take any risk. She doesn’t let Maasa and Urmi step in her room.


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