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    Meri Durga: Sanjay works out his plans, by revealing Durga’s truth to the world. He tells the media that Durga is madly in love with him, she wanted to marry him, so she has met his parents to threaten them. He reveals that his parents refused to Durga, but Durga has insulted them to take revenge. He tells them that Durga has defamed the family only because of her adamancy. He asks Durga to tell the media that his parents are innocent, so that they can live peacefully. Durga and her family get a huge shock. The media demands answer from Durga.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Simmi tries to make Ishita away from Raman. Adi and Aaliya take a stand for Ishita, while Simmi fuels the family against her. She doesn’t want the family to depend on Ishita again. Simmi tells the elders that Ishita is trying hard to get back in Raman’s life. While she tries to throw the flowers away, Raman scolds her. He tells Simmi that he will take the flowers to office. Raman begins to get out of Simmi’s control. Romi, Adi and Aaliya get happy for Raman. Simmi fools the family that she is protecting Raman from Ishita. Ishita goes to meet Pihu, instead Raman. She tells Ashok that she will not be accepted easily by family.


    Omkara and Rudra plan to get Shivay and Anika’s romance going. Omkara scolds him for the flop planning. Gauri comes up with an idea to give love inducing drug to Shivay. She tells them the desi remedies for romance. They don’t know Anika has another plans to brew up romance. Anika plans to watch a romantic movie with Shivay. She removes the DVD cover so that the surprise remains a surprise. Dadi orders a bhajan CD. She gets the move DVD by mistake. Anika’s DVD get swapped.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Roshni gets too disappointed with Anant. She feels she has lost Anant to Ahana. Ahana makes a leave, and feels sorry for whatever happened. Rehaan drops Ahana home. Anant explains Roshni that he will always love her, all the relations have their own commitments. Laila wants Ahana and Anant to marry off soon. She finds their relation beneficial. She tells her friend that making Anant her son in law will make her reap more benefits.


    The family gets sad for Naira and Kartik. Manish feels helpless that he couldn’t help Kartik achieve his happiness. Naira informs Naksh that their trip got cancelled. Naksh learns the problem. Dadi asks Manish to encourage Kartik. Kartik decides to leave for Jaipur. Manish tells him that he will accompany him. Naksh wishes Kartik for the meeting. He tells Kartik that its their chance to succeed for the family’s sake. He cheers up Kartik. Kartik looks forward to finish the work soon and return home in time so that Naira’s happiness doesn’t get down.


    Neil meets Ragini pandit in jail. He gets angry on Vidyut and her, when she threatens him about his family. Vidyut loses his cool. He wants to prove his mum is not a criminal. Neil doesn’t know that they are aware of Juhi’s fake murder drama. Shweta tries to record an evidence against Juhi. She wants Neil to know she is not wrong. She apologizes to Juhi. Juhi accepts that she did mistake by getting afraid of Neil. Shweta thinks she can expose Juhi. Juhi gets compelled by Vidyut. Juhi gets helpless and frames Shweta to reveal that she is alive. Neil gets troubled when media arrives home and confronts him about Juhi’s murder drama.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Pujan makes a plan and gets his aide encountered by Adhiraj. Adhiraj is left with no option than to shoot down the escaping criminal. Pujan gets the news and is relieved that Adhiraj can’t reach him now. He wants to celebrate his win. On the other hand, Sudha tries to win Anami’s heart by asking Narottam to lose out to Lakshya in the game. She tells Narottam that he will have to lose this small game to win the big game. Lakshya wins the game and gets delighted. Sudha tries to influence him. Even Satrupa wins Lakshya’s heart by gifting him sports gear. Sudha fools Anami by showing her fake concern for Lakshya. She showcases Lal Mahal in bad light again. Anami feels sorry for Sudha’s fate. Sudha and Narottam lay a new trap for Anami.


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