Shweta tries to unveil Juhi’s lies in Naamkarann


Vidyut plans to ruin Neil and Avni’s happiness. He waits for his mum’s release. He thinks the sunrise will ruin Neil’s happiness. Juhi hides her intentions from everyone. Avni compliments Juhi for the beautiful Rangoli. She asks Mishti to make another Rangoli with Juhi. The new day brings happiness when Khanna family celebrates Diwali for Mishti’s sake. They all try to make Mishti happy.

Juhi tries to bond with Mishti. Juhi takes care of her. She thinks Mishti will accept her in Avni’s place soon. Mishti runs to Avni. Juhi gets insecure. Juhi gets hurt that Mishti lied to her. Vidyut sends the DNA test report to threaten Juhi. Juhi checks the DNA report, which proves Mishti is Vidyut’s daughter. Juhi gets worried. Vidyut calls Juhi and threatens her for executing his plans. He wants his mum out of jail soon. He tells Juhi to do anything, but prove her existence to the world.


Neil meets Ragini pandit in jail. He gets angry on Vidyut and her, when she threatens him about his family. Vidyut loses his cool. He wants to prove his mum is not a criminal. Neil doesn’t know that they are aware of Juhi’s fake murder drama. Shweta tries to record an evidence against Juhi. She wants Neil to know she is not wrong. She apologizes to Juhi. Juhi accepts that she did mistake by getting afraid of Neil. Shweta thinks she can expose Juhi. Juhi gets compelled by Vidyut. Juhi gets helpless and frames Shweta to reveal that she is alive. Neil gets troubled when media arrives home and confronts him about Juhi’s murder drama.


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