Ahaan to learn JD’s shocking truth in Tu Aashiqui


Ahaan makes a video call to Pankti. Pankti gets a huge shock seeing a truck speeding towards Ahaan. Before she could break her silence and alert him, the truck gets close to hit Ahaan. Uday comes to save Ahaan in time. Uday gets hurt instead Ahaan. JD has done this to get Ahaan away from Pankti. Pankti is sad that Ahaan is far from her. Anita tells Pankti that JD has sent Ahaan away, but she should be thankful that Ahaan is alive. She asks Pankti to meet JD well and not annoy him, since her misbehavior will make Ahaan bear the punishment. She threatens Pankti about Ahaan.

Pankti learns that Ahaan has broken up his guitar in anger, and now he has no guitar for use. She decides to gift a guitar to him. Ahaan sends birthday greetings to Pankti by giving his message on radio. Pankti hears Ahaan’s message and gets happy. Pankti sends the guitar for Ahaan by taking Uday’s help. Uday gets to see JD’s aide. He doubts on him and follows him, to get a shock seeing him meet JD.

Anita tells Pankti that JD has planned a surprise for her. Pankti misses Ahaan on her birthday. JD plans to humiliate her. JD gifts ghungroos to her. He ties the ghungroos to Pankti, wishing her happy birthday. He asks her to dance in front of his guests. Pankti gets insulted. JD receives a huge shock when Ahaan reaches them and learns his truth. Ahaan sees Pankti forced to dance in front of everyone. Ahaan gets moved on knowing JD is the cruel man who has bought Pankti. Ahaan and JD will have a huge confrontation. JD’s true face gets revealed.


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