Chakor risks life to save Pakhi in Udaan

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Imli gets the knife by which Bhaiya ji has stabbed Chakor. She gives it to Chakor in the baby shower function. Chakor manages to threaten Bhaiya ji and send him away. Suraj and Chakor have a cute moment when they argue over having a boy or a girl. Suraj leaves to testify against Ranvijay in the court. Kasturi cheers up Chakor. Kasturi and Tejaswini dance with Chakor in the baby shower function. Chakor is happy seeing everyone happy. They all bless the coming baby. The celebrations stop when Bhaiya ji plays his next move. Imli informs them that Bhaiya ji has kidnapped Pakhi. The villagers get a shock.

Kasturi asks Imli is she sure of this. Imli says yes, I have seen him taking Pakhi in his car. Chakor asks them not to worry, she won’t let anything happen to Pakhi. She says I know why he did this, he has done this to trouble me, I will find out where did he take Pakhi, I will get Pakhi back. She assures Pakhi’s parents that they will have Pakhi with them soon.

Chakor misses Suraj who has gone Banaras for Ranvijay’s matter. She wishes Suraj was with her in dealing with Bhaiya ji. Chakor and Imli go to find Pakhi. Chakor doesn’t know Imli is also involved in Bhaiya ji’s plan. Imli plays from both the sides. Imli finds Pakhi tied up in the godown. She informs Chakor about Pakhi’s location. Chakor reaches the godown to save Pakhi from Bhaiya ji. She gets a shock when she learns Bhaiya ji has used Pakhi to trap her. He tells Chakor that her death is close. When he tries to shoot her, he learns that the gun has no bullets. He doubts on Imli’s intentions.






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