Karan on verge of realizing love in Kundali Bhagya


Prithvi and Sherlyn reveal their real faces and plans to Janki. Prithvi gets angered. He tells Janki that he loves Sherlyn. Sherlyn plans to get Janki out of their way. Prithvi is just taking revenge from Preeta for Sherlyn’s sake. He can’t see Sherlyn getting hurt because of Preeta. Janki worries that Preeta’s life will get ruined. She falls unconscious. Sherlyn and Prithvi try to hide Janki from everyone. Sarla learns about Sameer and Shrishti’s love. Rakhi tells Sarla that Shrishti has accepted that she loves Sameer. She asks Sarla to get Shrishti and Sameer married. She wants to keep their roka ceremony. Sarla worries knowing Shrishti’s mischief.

Sameer tries to explain Karan that he really has feelings for Preeta, that’s why he is getting hurt seeing Preeta with Prithvi. He tells Karan that his annoyance is only because of his love, since he feels Preeta is cheating him. Karan gets into thinking over his feelings. He meets Preeta and they have an argument. Karan challenges to bring Prithvi’s truth out. He tells Preeta that he will dine with her today and then he will show Prithvi’s truth. He wants to provoke Prithvi and make him react so that his truth comes out.


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