Neil becomes the media’s target in Naamkarann


The family celebrates Diwali. They start with Antakshari. Juhi gets jealous seeing Neil and Avni’s romantic dance. Avni asks Neil for her Diwali gift. Neil gifts her an idol. The family blesses them. Juhi recalls the past. She feels sorry for herself. She ignites fire in the crackers box, risking the family. She works out Vidyut’s plan and makes everyone vacate the house. Vidyut sends the media there. Neil gets questioned about Juhi’s murder drama and his affair with her. They ask him about Mishti’s paternity.

Vidyut enjoys the sight. He dumps Neil and Juhi’s pictures there. Neil doesn’t want Mishti to get scared. The media troubles Neil by improper questions. Avni takes a stand for Neil. The media asks Neil if he is Mishti’s father. The reporters misbehave with Neil. Avni and Neil have a shattering moment when Mishti is called illegitimate. Mishti feels guilty of all the happenings. Shweta blames Juhi for planning all this. Juhi plays her move to defend herself and frame Shweta.

Neil learns Shweta has informed the media about Mishti. He confronts Shweta if she called the media. Shweta gets a huge shock. She asks the family to believe her once. She tells Neil that she has got a proof against Juhi, which will prove all her lies. Unfortunately, her phone gets damaged. Shweta tries to prove her innocence. The family peace breaks out. Neela also doubts Shweta has done this big mistake. Shweta falls in everyone’s eyes because of Juhi. Avni plays the news. Vidyut and Ragini pandit give an interview and clear their names from the accusations. Mishti gets scared seeing Vidyut on the screen. Vidyut acts innocent. He puts Neil in bad light. He tells the media that Neil has no work than to frame innocent people in wrong cases. Vidyut vows to expose Neil’s truth.


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