Raman to realize bits of past in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita feels sorrowful knowing Simmi torturing Pihu. She thinks why is Raman not fulfilling his duties towards Pihu. Her car breaks down. She gets stuck in rain. Raman passes by and comes to help her. She thinks of a similar moment happened in the past and tries to make him recall. She gets angry on him, thinking of Pihu. Raman gets the memory flashes. They have a dance in the rain. He tells her that this rain and this moment have occurred before. She confronts him for leaving Pihu unattended. Raman doesn’t remember Pihu. She gets upset with him. She feels Simmi has gone too far for her revenge.

Parmeet and Simmi plan to keep Raman away from Ishita. Simmi learns Ishita has met Pihu at school. She instructs the school staff to not allow Ishita to meet Pihu again. Simmi visits the Iyers and vents out her anger. She humiliates them. Bala asks Simmi not to dare speak against Ishita. Simmi tells them that Ishita is living with Ashok. Iyers get saddened.

Kiran reveals Ishita’s truth to the family. She asks them not to judge Ishita wrong by hearing Simmi’s nonsense. She tells them that Ashok is helping Ishita, who went to Budapest for solving the family problems. She tells them that she has met Ishita and got to know her helplessness. She asks the family not to doubt on Ishita’s character, as she has Iyers’ values. Ishita meets the family. She gets acceptance because of Kiran’s support. The family apologizes for misunderstanding her. Ishita gets hurt knowing they were doubting on her. Ishita reveals about Ashok’s illness. She tells them that Ashok is repenting this way by helping her and Bhalla family regain their status. She informs about Simmi’s evil motives. She tells that Simmi is hurting the family to take revenge from her. Iyers decide to support her.


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