Shivika’s golden moments lined up in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz Shivay lines up surprises for Anika

Gauri tells Omkara that he had consumed the love inducing drug by mistake. He gets a shock. Anika and Shivay see their room’s state. Anika is relieved finding him fine. The family plans to leave Shivay and Anika alone at home. Bhavya tells them that Shivay and Anika should spend some quality time. Gauri and Bhavya convince them. Anika and Shivay learn that everyone has their own plans for the day and they have the house for themselves now. Shivay tells Anika that they are all alone today. He asks Anika to understand they got a golden opportunity to make the most of their time. Anika tells Shivay about her surprise.

The elders enjoy their family picnic. They have some peaceful time. Tej and Shakti have a talk that their children have grown up now. They want the family to get extended by their heir. The family gets a normal happy moment after a long time. Shivay and Anika get some time to romance. Anika wants to make Shivay feel special. She cooks food for him. Shivay tells her that this was really not needed. Shivay doesn’t want to have any food and put himself at risk. Anika argues with him. Shivay learns some painters have come to paint the living room. Shivay asks the workers to leave, and come the next day. The painters drop the paint boxes there. Shivay asks Khanna not to allow anyone in. Shivay and Anika play with colors. They have a romantic moment.

Shwetlana helps Abhay in finding the evidence against the Oberois. Abhay fails to find anything. Shwetlana tells Abhay that he can’t find any evidence this way. Abhay gets angry when his search gets no clue. Shwetlana makes a plan to find the evidence by visiting the Chor bazaar. She wants Abhay to fulfill his revenge. They take disguise to get the old tapes, which can have the Kalyani mills footage. They try to bribe the man and buy the footage. Abhay gets the tape and hopes to get the evidence. Abhay and Shwetlana witness the truth. They find Tej guilty. Abhay believes his dad’s words. He gets revengeful against Tej.



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