Ahana to challenge Laila in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Laila turns angry knowing Gupta has played the wicked move to trouble her. She tries to talk to Ahana and make a leave. Yamini decides to leave when she gets upset on seeing Anant and Ahana close. Roshni doesn’t want to let Yamini go. Yamini tells her that Ahana will be with them. Roshni faints. Yamini gets worried for her. Laila feels Roshni is doing a drama. Ahana doesn’t feel Roshni is planning to hurt them. Laila asks Ahana to be alert, as Roshni can create troubles for Anant and her relation. Anant asks Yamini not to leave them. Yamini tries to be away. She doesn’t tell him the real reason. Anant asks Yamini to stay back, as she is their family. Yamini stays back for Anant’s sake.

Rehaan apologizes to Ahana. He tells her that he has lost his parents at an early age and knows her pain. Anant asks Rehaan to get married, so that the family gets complete. Rehaan feels guilty to lie to Anant. Anant meets his old friend. He asks about Rehaan and his business tie-up. Anant learns Rehaan’s lie about the business project. Laila gets troubled to solve the financial mess. She thinks of some possible solution to clear the loans.

Laila confronts Tarun about Gupta’s doings. Tarun gets into an argument with her. Saloni learns Laila and Tarun’s secret. Saloni asks Tarun if Gupta is troubling Laila. Ahana tells Saloni that its Laila’s mistake. Laila lies to Saloni. She tells them that Gupta wants to send her jail and ruin their respect. Ahana asks Laila to show her best talents and save them from this mess. Yamini tries to explain Roshni that she has to accept the changes gradually. She asks Roshni not to have negative thoughts about the future. She tells Roshni that it was Ahana who has sent the special gift to her post accident.


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