Saaya to learn Preeto’s plotting in Shakti

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Saaya punishes the kinners for their mistake. She slaps Kareena. Kareena tries to explain the matter. Gurumaa catches Kareena from stealing the cash. They get into an argument. Gurumaa blames them for theft. All the kinners come out hearing the noise. Saaya scolds them for falling too low to steal money from their own house. She says Gurumaa has spared you, but I will not forgive you for this. Raveena, Kareena and Gurumaa have a big drama. Saaya then learns Gurumaa’s truth. Kareena and Raveena reveal what Gurumaa has done with Soumya. Saaya gets upset with Gurumaa.

Kareena tells Gurumaa has been doing wrong than us. They ask Saaya to question Gurumaa. Soumya and Harman get to hear them. Saaya learns Gurumaa was intentionally hurting Harman on Preeto’s saying. She says we have greedy and selfish people here, we will not keep any condition in front of Harman and Soumya now. She says if Gurumaa is so wrong, how can she point at Harman’s love, she can’t judge anyone. She gets disappointed knowing Harman had to face all this. She blesses Soumya and Harman to live their life as they want. She wants Soumya to be happy. Harman gets happy that finally some hurdles got off their way.


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