Vidyut puts Neil’s career at risk in Naamkarann


Vidyut takes the help of media and exposes Neil for Juhi’s fake murder case. He tries to prove that every blame on his mum is fake. He tells the media that even the nurse’s murder happened in the hospital maybe a drama. He wants an answer from Neil. He tells them that Neil has enmity with his mum. Mishti gets too scared of Vidyut. Vidyut stains Neil’s name. He risks Neil’s career. He asks the police department for justice. He wants his mum’s life to get better. Neil apologizes to his seniors. He can’t reveal that Shweta has leaked the news to the media. He feels sorry that his plan got failed because of his family. He sees Vidyut becoming a hero in front of everyone.

Vidyut calls up Juhi to blackmail her. She asks her to obey him, if she wants her secret under wraps. Avni finds Neil stressed. She shares coffee with him. She tries to relieve his stress. She asks him not to worry for Juhi and Mishti.

She tells Neil that she believes Shweta, as she is clean hearted. Neil tells her that he knows Shweta, who has done a lot to separate them. Avni feels something is fishy. Shweta thanks Avni for believing her. She apologizes to Avni for always being against her and troubling her. She regrets for her past deeds. Neil meets Mishti. Juhi tries to seek his support. Avni doesn’t mind seeing them together, since Juhi is disturbed because of Vidyut. Juhi bonds with Neil, hoping to have a future with him.

Neil stays annoyed with Shweta. He feels Shweta has risked everything by her one mistake. Shweta tells Avni that she feels Juhi is behind all this. Shweta fails to convince Neil that she is innocent. Neil gets a shocking news from DD. Neil gets defamed. He gets badly framed by Vidyut. Neil is shown in bad light by the media.

Neil understands its Ragini Pandit’s plan. She lies to the media that Neil has hurt her. She injures herself so that she can get out of the jail and then settle scores with Neil and Avni. Vidyut creates a ruckus by acting as victim. Juhi sees Mishti scared and wanting to meet Avni. She doesn’t let Mishti meet Avni. Mishti goes out to meet Avni. Ragini pandit gets released from jail. She meets Mishti at Neil’s house. Ragini Pandit turns out to be Mishti’s old friend, whom Mishti believes a lot more than Avni. Ragini Pandit plans to use Juhi and Mishti against Neil and Avni.


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