Anami turns curious to find Sudha’s secret in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh

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Anami gets worried by her step to invite trouble for Lal Mahal. She starts realizing her responsibilities. She turns upset with Sudha’s deeds. She hides her worries from everyone. She feels guilty on seeing Dadi’s fear. She thinks if she has done right with Sudha or not. Dadi sees Anami in a dilemma. Lakshya tells Anami that she has done right with Sudha. Dadi asks Anami not to feel guilty. She asks her to think that her wrong move can hurt anyone. Anami gets glad finding Dadi fine. Adhiraj gets informed about Purushottam’s death. He learns that Anami has shifted Sudha. He thinks of meeting Anami to relieve her sorrow.

Sudha challenges Baldev that she will soon get back to his house. She questions him about his place inside Lal Mahal. Baldev warns her to stay away. She spreads poison in his mind. She tells him to see his existence and question his dad. Baldev doesn’t fall in her words. Adhiraj plans to meet Anami in a unique way. He surprises her by turning into an icecream seller. Anami’s mood gets better by his cute gestures. Adhiraj and Anami spend time together. They enjoy each other’s company.

Sudha tries to show Anami that she deserves to be back home. Anami apologizes to Sudha. She feels happy on finding Sudha cheerful and playing with the kids. Satrupa keeps a watch on them. She tells Dadi that though Sudha is outside the house, she is still using Anami, this can ruin Anami’s future too. Dadi asks her to find some solution. Sudha shares her past life with Anami. She tries using emotions in her favor. Anami promises to make her life better. She gets some old pictures, which Sudha doesn’t let her see. Anami gets curious to know what is Sudha hiding from them. Anami determines to find the covered truth.






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