Mohini to break Singh family in Shakti

High Five Spoilers Shakti Bahu Begum and more

Mohini and Raavi have a cat fight. Raavi asks Mohini why does she interfere in family matter. Mohini asks Raavi not to taunt her, no one has asked her opinion. They have an argument. Mohini twists Raavi’s hand in anger. Mohini sees Harak and turns into a victim. She shows him that Raavi was torturing her. She asks Harak to see Raavi, she is breaking her hand. Raavi tries to explain Harak. Harak slaps Raavi. Mohini tells Harak that Raavi was throwing her out of the house. Raavi gets hurt emotionally.

Raavi wanted to talk to family and tell about Mohini’s drama. Harak takes Mohini’s side. The family gets upset seeing all this. They don’t know if this is any drama or happening for real. Mohini wants to get the property from Harak Singh. Harak is depressed. Mohini is taking care of him so that he names everything to her. Mohini has turned into a trouble for the family. It has to be seen how Harman and Soumya save the family from Mohini, and also unite Harak and Preeto again.


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