New troubles to approach Avni in Naamkarann


Avni and Neil have an emotionally shattering moment, after Vidyut frames Neil using his past. Avni promises Neil that she will not leave Neil, on seeing his past haunting him. She vows to support him under all circumstances. They have a moment. Ragini pandit brainwashes Juhi against them. She tells Juhi to fight for her love and rights. She says once Avni gets away from Neil’s life, he will come back to Juhi again. She asks Juhi to do anything for Mishti and herself. Juhi is going through a sensitive phase of her life. She has many fears in mind. She worries for Mishti’s good future. She doesn’t want Mishti to be called illegitimate. She wants Mishti to grow as Neil’s daughter. Juhi agrees to follow Ragini Pandit and get Neil and Avni separated. They plan to abduct a family member to pressurize Neil for marrying Juhi. Juhi aims to get Avni’s place in Neil’s life.

Juhi, Shweta and Bebe take Mishti to the park to make her forget about Vidyut. Mishti gets happy playing with kids in a park. The women get rude towards her. Shweta scolds the women for hurting a little girl’s heart. Bebe also defends Mishti. Juhi feels sorry. She consoles Mishti. Mishti was feeling lonely at home. They thought to get her a change, but her mood gets more spoiled. Mishti meets Ragini Pandit in the park, who tries to influence her. Is Juhi using Mishti in her motives? Keep reading.


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