Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New troubles mount up for Raman

Raman gets upset with Ishita’s relationship in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Aaliya gets trapped in gambling again. Parmeet wants to take revenge from Ishita. He targets Aaliya. Raman totally supports Ishita in the board meeting. She chooses Ruhi to lead the project by discussing things with Raman. She includes Adi and Romi in the project. She keeps Simmi and Parmeet away from the business. She tells Raman that she is not insulting them, but she knows they both lack experience in managing big projects. She justifies and convinces Raman to keep them away from their project. She tells him that she is an investor and just wants profits. She makes Raman agree to her terms.

Simmi gets offended by Ishita’s move. Ishita asks Simmi to manage other small projects. She considers them as outsiders. Raman assures Ishita that her investment will be kept safe. Ishita signs the contract. She makes a big move towards making her family united. Simmi is thrown out. She gets insulted. Parmeet tells Simmi that they will not tolerate any insult now. He provokes her in doing something extreme. Simmi plans to defame Ishita.

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Raman and Ishita have a celebration for their new business tie up. She tries to make him recall the past. Simmi sends the media to the restaurant to trouble Ishita. The media asks Raman about the project. While Raman answers them, the media asks Ishita about her live-in relationship with Ashok. Raman gets a huge shock on hearing this. He takes a stand for Ishita.

The reporter insult Ishita. Ishita understands Simmi is doing this with her. Raman gets upset on hearing about her relation with Ashok. Ishita tells Raman that she has no relation with Ashok. She asks him to believe her. Raman prefers to keep himself away from her personal matters. Ishita tells him that she wanted to clarify the matter. Simmi makes Raman away from her. She doesn’t want Ishita to come back home. Ishita avoids meeting Bhallas. She gets angry on Simmi’s move.

Raman turns annoyed with the happenings, as he was falling for Ishita. He deals with his feelings. Simmi gets glad that Raman started disliking Ishita. She thinks her plan has worked. Ishita feels shattered thinking of Raman’s struggles.

Adi waits to share the news with Aaliya. He thinks Aaliya will be happy knowing about Ishita. Aaliya loses in gambling. She fears to share the matter with Adi. Aaliya loses much money in gambling. She gets sinking in loans again. She thinks she can’t confide with Ishita. Aaliya falls in Parmeet’s trap. Adi gets upset on knowing about Aaliya’s addiction.


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