Sanjana to prove her love in Sasural Simar Ka

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Sanjana is going to give an Agnipariksha for her love. Anjali is trying to rule over the family. She wants to get the house control completely. She asks Sanjana to prove her love if she is true to Sameer. Anjali tells the family that Sanjana is upset, since she loves Sameer a lot, but she didn’t get anything in return. She sympathizes with Sanjana. Sanjana tells Anjali that Sameer and her relation is not so weak that it breaks off. Anjali tells the family that Sanjana’s love and relation is strong, they all believe her, but she has to prove this to Sameer as well.

She asks Sanjana if she can do this. Sanjana tells Anjali that she didn’t cheat Sameer and she can prove it. Anjali says then you should go ahead and give an Agnipariksha. Sanjana agrees for it. Simar doesn’t want Sanjana to give any test of her purity and love. Sanjana goes to make prayers so that Devi Maa supports her in this test. Sanjana gets the coals and ignites fire. Simar stops Sanjana from taking such a step. Sanjana doesn’t listen. Simar and Prem tell Sanjana that they trust her and she doesn’t need to do this. Sanjana asks Prem to let her do this, as she has to prove her love. Anjali enjoys the drama.


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