Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara: Dramatic twists in Ahana-Anant’s marriage


Rehaan confides the matter with Ahant. He reveals that he lied to him getting stressed because of the car accident. Anant tells him that its his fault that he couldn’t win Rehaan’s confidence. Rehaan thanks him for giving him all the love as his children. He promises to make Anant proud of him one day. Anant hopes Rehaan keeps his words. Rehaan is grateful that Anant has forgiven him.

Ahana solves Laila’s problem. She tells Laila that she is not selfish like her. She gives her the cash which she got by selling off her jewelry. She prepares to get married to Anant. She talks to her dad that her life is going to change in a day. Laila gets all her confidence back when Ahana hands over the cash to her. She meets Gupta to tell him how his dreams shattered. She tells him that she has cleared all the pending loans. She makes him realize that he has lost again.

Ahana and Anant keep a small ceremony for the marriage. They get married. Anant agrees to Laila’s condition. He plans a grand reception. Laila meets her friends in the reception party.

Gupta gets revengeful against Laila. Anant and Ahana get plenty of compliments for their wonderful pairing. Gupta joins the party to spoil the fun. Laila thanks Anant for keeping Rahul’s reputation in the business circle. Anant gets glad that he could marry Ahana without much hurdles. He thanks Laila for permitting the marriage and making this day possible for him. Gupta tries to make Anant face the reality. He tells Anant that he has made a big mistake by getting related to Laila. Gupta reveals to everyone about Laila striking huge deals with her daughters’ marriages. Gupta ruins Laila’s pretty image in the society by telling the people about Tarun and Saloni’s marriage deal. Ahana gets worried when Anant learns the bitter truth of her family.


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