Ishqbaaz: Shwetlana shocks the family with an Oberoi tag


Tej gets tempered when he sees Abhay back in the house. Shivay tells him that he has got Abhay home. Dadi tells them that it was her decision, she was regretting for her mistake done in the past and this is her way to rectify her mistake. Pinky warns them against getting Abhay home. She asks them not to trust Abhay. Obros welcome Abhay home and promise him to give him a wonderful and loving family. Dadi asks Obros to love their new brother. She makes her children welcome Abhay. Anika reminds them how Abhay has helped them in Shivay’s absence. The family welcomes Abhay happily. Shivay reveals to them that Abhay is married.

They ask Abhay to get his wife home. Oberois get prepared to welcome the new bahu home. They expect more happiness coming their way. Gauri prepares garlands, while Rudra prepares a surprise for Abhay. Omkara helps out Gauri. They both have a romantic moment, while Rudra tries to disturb them. Bhavya stops Rudra from his madness. Rudra tests Omkara and Gauri’s love. Rudra and Bhavya tease the couple romancing. Abhay compliments Shivay and Anika’s perfect pairing. He tells Shivay that he also wants to have such a pure bond with his wife. He is sure that Shwetlana will be giving them a big shock.

Oberois get ready to welcome Abhay’s wife. They arrange dhol and nagada as well. Abhay gets his wife home. The family asks him to end the suspense and reveal his wife’s identity. Shwetlana shocks the family. Abhay introduces Shwetlana as his wife. The family gets much upset seeing the evil lady back. Omkara, Jhanvi and Tej become the most affected ones. Shwetlana asks them to welcome her, as she has finally become an Oberoi bahu. Omkara demands her to leave from the house. Shwetlana tells about her old relationships with Oberois. The family wishes she stops her nonsense and leaves. Shwetlana asks Gauri to bless her, as their relation turned new and better. Omkara couldn’t bear Gauri’s insult. Anika too takes a stand for Gauri. Shwetlana turns irritating for everyone. Shivay drags her out of the house, shocking Abhay.


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