Sanjay to face Yashpal’s wrath in Meri Durga


Doctor asks the family to let Sanjay stay and rest well. Yashpal permits Sanjay home only till the morning. He threatens Sanjay’s parents about the police. Durga gets prepared to impress Bhagat by her talents. Bhagat asks Durga to have eggs and chicken in her diet to gain strength. Durga refuses to have it. Bhagat asks her to have best diet to become a best athlete. He tells her that he will not train her if she doesn’t agree to him. Durga doesn’t eat the chicken. He asks her to take time and decide well. He doesn’t want indiscipline in his academy. Durga gets into a challenge. She gets into her best runner avatar.

Gayatri and Neelkant have tension about Sanjay’s state. Yashpal asks them to take their son and leave. He hopes Sanjay got better by the rest. He breaks the news to them that Durga got admission in the academy. He tells them that Sanjay is lying hurt here when he was trying to hurt Durga. He calls it justice of the Lord. He asks them to take Sanjay and leave as soon as possible. He doesn’t bend in front of the influential Ahlawats. Gayatri tries to show the power of money.

Yashpal tells her that they don’t need her money, she can keep it for herself. Durga questions Bhagat’s judgement. She asks Bhagat not to pressurize her for eating chicken. She asks him to show some humanity, than breaking the athletes. Bhagat gets angry on her.

Yashpal tells Gayatri that they have seen Durga going the pain for five years. He asks Gayatri to see Sanjay, who is bearing punishment for ruining Durga’s life. Yashpal makes mind to send off Sanjay. Bhagat challenges Durga and asks her to prove herself. Annapurna takes a stand for Sanjay, as he is Durga’s husband. Yashpal tells her that they can’t trust Sanjay now. Annapurna melts down seeing Gayatri’s pain. Yashpal can’t forgive them for making Durga’s life and marriage a game. Annapurna opposes Yashpal. She helps Sanjay and his parents.


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