Suraj attempts to rescue Chakor’s life in Udaan


Bhaiya ji kidnaps Chakor and determines to kill her, knowing Suraj is not in Aazaadgunj. He tells Chakor that Suraj can never know what happened with her, and how she died. Chakor warns him against taking enmity with Suraj again. Bhaiya ji tortures Chakor. Chakor has belief that Suraj will come and save her. Suraj finishes his work in Banaras. He testifies against Ranvijay. He leaves for Aazaadgunj. He tries reaching Chakor on time, before the Godh bharai function ends. He is worried that he couldn’t talk to Chakor well.

He doesn’t get any bus to go back. He thinks if Chakor is in any problem. He tries to call Chakor. His phone gets off. He gets intuition that Chakor is in some big problem and calling him for help. He tries to take help from people.

The people refuse to give mobile to him. Suraj doesn’t want Chakor and his child to have any risk. He thinks once Chakor talks to him, he can get some peace. With no option left, Suraj starts running to reach Aazaadgunj. He fails to get any lift on the way. Suraj hopes to reach Chakor in time. Bhaiya ji tortures her so that she loses her child. Suraj gets restless and shouts out Chakor’s name. Imli wants Chakor to die at any cost. She sees Chakor getting tortured and enjoys happily. Will Suraj be able to save Chakor and find their hidden enemy Imli’s truth? Keep reading.


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