TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Piyaa Albela: Supriya worries for Pooja’s life, while the latter prays for Supriya’s recovery in the temple. Rahul acts good towards Naren. He attempts to win Naren’s trust. Surbhi and Rakesh plan to kill Pooja. Rakesh assures Surbhi that he will send Pooja to heaven. Naren learns Supriya is not at home. Supriya heads to the temple to save Pooja. Harish arrives to the temple and sees Pooja’s Pratigya to for Supriya. Supriya and Harish witness the moment when Rakesh attacks Pooja. Pooja bravely fights with him. Pooja’s prayers get answered when Supriya saves her.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Simonika tries to kill Abhi. She uses different methods to harm him. Pragya learns the threat on Abhi’s life. She saves him by difficulty. She doesn’t tell him about the life threat. She shares the matter with Simonika. She doesn’t know Simonika is the person trying to harm Abhi. Simonika hides her enmity from Pragya. Simonika risks life of everyone to harm Abhi. Simonika didn’t think Pragya will flop her plans and save Abhi.

Sasural Simar Ka:


Anjali gets troubled when she learnt that the family is finding a guy for her. Prem and Simar tell Anjali that they liked a guy and wants Anjali to meet him once. Anjali announces to everyone that she is in love. She decides to reveal about her lover. They all ask her who is he, and when did she fall in love. Anjali tells them that she met the guy some days back, they have good bonding, they like each other. She says she will take the relation ahead if they give their nod. Simar gets happy for Anjali. She says now we don’t need to find a guy, you have chosen someone and we are happy, we trust your choice. She asks Anjali to call the guy home, as they want to meet him.


Avni learns Juhi’s truth. She feels angered that she has trusted Juhi so much that she was almost getting away from Neil for Juhi and Mishti’s happiness. She wanted Mishti to get a good life and a happy family. Avni gets raging when she knows how Juhi has lied about Mishti’s paternity and fooled Neil and entire family. Juhi made Neil helplessly nod for marriage for Mishti’s sake. Avni decides to unveil the lies and fight for her rights, which Juhi was snatching by her fraud drama. Avni, who allowed Neil and Juhi’s marriage, takes a step to stop them in time and expose Juhi’s evil game.

Kundali Bhagya:
Kumkum Bhagya wedding hall is tagged inauspicious by Kareena. She behaves selfish to save the family. She wants them to vacate the wedding hall. Sarla and Biji try to put off the fire. Everyone contributes their efforts. Sherlyn gets angry knowing Rishabh has gone to save Preeta. Kareena gets into an argument with Sarla, knowing Karan and Rishabh have gone to save Preeta by risking their lives.

Shrishti gets hurt, and gets Sameer to her aid. She worries for Preeta whose life is in danger. Sameer assures that Karan will save Preeta at any cost. Karan acts heroic and hilarious when he goes to save Preeta. She worries for his life. Preeta saves him from the fire. They both get into an argument. She gets angry that he is acting cool in such a tough situation. He asks her to realize he has come to save her. She apologizes to him. Kareena humiliates Sarla over unlucky Preeta. Rishabh rescues Preeta and Karan.


Soumya gets worried for Preeto. She feels Preeto is missing and no one is able to find her, this can mean Preeto landed in some big trouble. Saaya asks her not to worry. She tells Soumya that maybe Preeto is acting again to get Harman on her side. Soumya tells Saaya that this time her heart is restless and feels Preeto is in real problem. She decides to find Preeto.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Adhiraj and Devi try to find the culprit behind the attack. Police catches the goon who attacked Adhiraj. Police gets the goon to Adhiraj. Adhiraj and Devi identity him. Adhiraj asks him about the person who hired him for attacking him. The goon names Maasa for planning the attack. Maasa gets in tension and thinks Adhiraj will doubt on her. She feels like she has lost her son forever, but what comes her way really moves her. Adhiraj gets angry on the man and denies to accept the blame on his mum. Adhiraj tells Maasa that he can kill himself, before doubting on his mum. He expresses his strong belief, respect and love for Maasa. Maasa feels guilty as she has really done a big mistake to attack her son.

Woh Apna Sa:
Arjun gets his memory back. Nisha can’t tolerate anyone going against her. She bribes the doctor and asks the doctor to turn Arjun mad. She feels Arjun’s madness can end the threat on her. Arjun gets the shocks. Nisha doesn’t want Arjun to support Jia. Nisha says now Arjun will just do what I want, he will become Aditya like I always wanted. Nisha abducts Arjun from the hospital. Jia tries to find Arjun. She learns Arjun has gone missing.


Bhaiya ji kidnaps Chakor and determines to kill her, knowing Suraj is not in Aazaadgunj. He tells Chakor that Suraj can never know what happened with her, and how she died. Chakor warns him against taking enmity with Suraj again. Bhaiya ji tortures Chakor. Chakor has belief that Suraj will come and save her. Suraj finishes his work in Banaras. He testifies against Ranvijay. He leaves for Aazaadgunj. He tries reaching Chakor on time, before the Godh bharai function ends. He is worried that he couldn’t talk to Chakor well.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Parth is trying to spy on Teni. He hires a detective to find out Teni’s truth. He keeps an eye on Teni. He looks for an important file in the room. He doesn’t get it and asks the servant. Dadi tells him that she will send someone to find the file. Parth doubts that Teni is behind this. Teni goes to his room and gets the phone. She learns Parth is spying on her. She doesn’t want Parth’s misunderstandings to grow further. She gets the detective’s number from his phone. Parth wants to prove Teni’s crime. Teni wants to meet the detective and know what proof will he give to Parth. She is innocent and not involved in Shorvori’s accident. She thinks how can the detective prove her crime. She doubts someone is fooling Parth for money.


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