Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni brings happiness for Bhanushalis


Teni’s innocence is realized by everyone, except Parth. Teni was happy that Parth is not going away from the family. She didn’t know the misunderstandings will continue to hurt her. Parth looks forward to have his child. Parth doesn’t know about Teni’s bad condition. Parth thinks Teni has played some drama to get his sympathy. While he stays away from Teni, she gets the family by her support.

Teni has reached the hospital after much difficulty. She had to bear much pain before doctors could attend her. The doctor informed Bhanushalis to come over and give their consent for the operation. Indu and Dadi reach the hospital and complete the formalities. They pray for Teni. Teni delivers a baby girl. The doctor congratulates Bhanushali family that Teni gave birth to a daughter. She tells them that Teni’s state is critical, its tough to save her. Indu and Dadi get worried for Teni. They inform Parth about Teni. Teni’s life falls in danger. Teni is relieved that she has kept her promise to Shorvori and delivered the child. She doesn’t care for her life and acts selfless. Will Parth learn Teni’s truth? Keep reading.


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