Imli to trap Bhaiya ji and Chakor in Udaan


Bhaiya ji had kidnapped Chakor and tortured her. His doings get known to the villagers. Imli informs the villagers that Bhaiya ji has kidnapped Pakhi and Chakor. She cheats Bhaiya ji as she wants him to be out of his way. She takes advantage of Bhaiya ji and Chakor’s fight, knowing she will be getting the village in her hands in their absence. The villagers pray in the temple. The people decide to save Chakor and Pakhi. The angry villagers reach Bhaiya ji to beat him up and teach him a lesson. Bhaiya ji gets badly trapped. He gets exposed to the villagers.

Chakor tries to save Pakhi, who is still in Bhaiya ji’s clutches. The villagers get the sticks and vow to kill Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji threatens the villagers to stop, else he will shoot Pakhi. Chakor and Pakhi’s families panic. The villagers get a shock when they see Chakor injured. Kasturi gets worried seeing Chakor’s wounded state. She fears that Chakor may lose her baby. The villagers encourage Chakor to fight back and kill the devil. Chakor will be killing Bhaiya ji to end his evil for once and all. The show will take a five year leap. Imli will be seen as the new evil, Thakurian.


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