Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre: Adhiraj sides with Devi


Adhiraj gets angry on Devi, when she does something shocking. Devi has locked Maasa in the room. When Maasa shouts for help, Adhiraj runs to her to help. He gets free of his illusions and gets running to Maasa’s room to know the problem. He finds Maasa locked. He opens the door and gets in to ask Maasa who has done this. Maasa complains about Devi. He learns that Devi has locked Maasa and troubled her. Adhiraj catches Devi and scolds her. Devi tells him that she has done this by her plan, as she knows he loves Maasa a lot.

She asks him to realize he has got up from the bed and ran to Maasa, he has got completely fine by overcoming his fears. She tells him that she knew he can walk and it was his fear that kept him believing that he can never walk. Adhiraj realizes he has got fine and thanks Devi for her move. Maasa loses her cool seeing them. She raises a hand on Devi. Adhiraj stops Maasa and supports Devi. He tells Maasa that Devi has done right, she was just wishing better for them. Maasa gets a shock when Adhiraj goes against her and stands with Devi.


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