Ved and Payal’s marriage next in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji

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Bhabho comes home to meet Uma and Kanak. Bhabho gets shagun and gifts for Payal. She gets along Ved and makes him meet Payal. Payal feels happy on seeing Ved. Kanak makes Ved and Payal stand together. Maasi asks Kanak what is she doing, what’s happening in the house. Maasi asks Bhabho why did she get shagun. Bhabho tells Maasi that she has got the shagun for Payal, as she wants to see Payal as Ved’s wife. Payal gets a surprise, while Maasi receives a huge shock. She gets angry on Bhabho. She asks Bhabho how dare she gets shagun for her bahu. She says shagun is brought for unmarried girls, not for any bahu of decent family. She asks Bhabho to remember the customs of the society.

Bhabho stops Kanak from answering. Bhabho tells Maasi that Uma has spoke to her about Payal and Ved’s marriage, that’s why she has got the shagun for Payal. Uma makes an entry and heartily welcomes Ved and Bhabho. He has learnt that Ved loves Payal and wanted to marry her. Kanak tells Uma that even Payal had feelings for Ved, but she has gave up all her happiness and dreams to fulfill a bahu duties in their house.

Uma regrets that Aditya never respected Payal. Maasi asks Uma did he go mad, how can he make Payal marry Ved, when Aditya is alive. Maasi reminds that Payal’s Gauna happened with Aditya’s picture when he was away. Uma counts Aditya’s mistakes. Uma says Aditya didn’t fulfill any duties till now, he doesn’t deserve Payal, he is not a part of family now, we will not keep any of his signs with us. Uma gets Aditya’s picture and dumps it.

He tells Maasi that Payal will no longer fulfill duties towards her husband, who is really like a dummy portrait on the wall. He says Payal deserves happiness and just Rathi family can do this. He tells Maasi that Aditya did wrong with Payal, and now he doesn’t want anything wrong to happen with Payal again, he wants Payal to marry Ved, knowing Payal and Ved used to like each other before. Kanak is very impressed with Uma, when he supports the lovers. She didn’t expect Uma will do anything such.

Maasi asks Uma does his dharm allow this. Payal is Aditya’s wife, he should have taken her permission before doing this. Uma asks Maasi to permit him to take some decisions on his own. Maasi doesn’t want Kanak to win. Uma justifies his decision. He also taunts Aditya for failing to be a good son, brother and husband. Uma blesses Payal and Ved and also makes Maasi bless them. Maasi unwillingly gives the nod for Payal and Ved’s marriage. Kanak is glad that Uma is finally changing and bringing a change in the house too. Payal thanks Kanak for supporting her and looks forward to begin a new life with Ved. Kanak hugs Payal and congratulates her. Ved and Payal’s marriage will be seen next in the show.


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