Vidyut to mock Mishti’s kidnapping in Naamkarann


Bebe learns that Mishti is not Neil’s daughter. She gets the swapped reports and asks Juhi to reveal the result to everyone. Juhi reveals about DNA match, which proves Neil is Mishti’s father. Bebe instructs Avni not to interfere in Mishti’s matter again. She tells the family that Juhi is Mishti’s mum, so just Juhi will be deciding about Mishti. Neil and Avni try to explain that they want the best for Mishti. Bebe asks Avni to stay away from Mishti from now, even if Avni risked her life to save Mishti from Vidyut. Avni too wants Mishti to be with Juhi. Bebe tells them that Juhi deserves to stay with her daughter.

She doesn’t want anyone to stop her. Avni gets saddened that Juhi has misunderstood her intentions. Bebe asks them to let Juhi free and not question anything about the past. Shweta and Neil support Avni. Juhi gets glad that her secret got veiled by Vidyut’s help. Vidyut plans to hurt Khanna family. He makes a plan to mock Mishti’s kidnapping and then defame Neil for the false kidnapping blame. He wants Neil’s career and life to get ruined.

Neil and Avni support each other in the testing times. Neil tells Avni that she is also like a mother for Mishti. Avni just wants Mishti’s life to get better. He asks Avni not to feel hurt by Bebe’s words. Avni tells Neil that her intentions were always pure, she wanted Mishti to have a happy life. Neil tells Avni that Juhi is acting strange, she was never such cheap minded. He worries for Mishti. Avni doubts on Juhi.

Vidyut meets Juhi and shocks her. He tells her that now she is his crime partner and he can meet her anytime, even in Neil’s house. He reveals his plan to frame Neil and Avni, while he takes away Mishti for some time. Juhi feels sorry to hurt the family.

Juhi keeps Avni busy with her. Avni and Neil try to boost Juhi’s confidence. Neil tells Juhi that he is going to arrest Vidyut. He asks her to look after Mishti. Juhi plans to frame Avni behind the incident, so that Neil gets upset with Avni. Bebe doesn’t want Neil to arrest Vidyut. Avni spots Bebe talking angrily with Juhi. She doubts Bebe is hiding something from her. Juhi works out Vidyut’s plan and sends Mishti. Avni asks Bebe what’s bothering her. Bebe couldn’t explain her the situation. Neil arrives to arrest Vidyut. He worries learning Mishti is in some problem.


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