Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi to play wicked again

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Simmi gets worried on knowing about Raman and Ishita’s meet. Raman gets happy to have Ishita in his life. Simmi and Parmeet go a drama to show Ishita’s pictures to Raman. Simmi reveals to Raman that Ishita has killed Ananya. Raman breaks down on being pushed to recall the incident. Simmi and Parmeet play with Raman’s emotions and health too. Raman can’t believe Ishita can hurt a child. He recalls having seen her caring for Ruhi. He feels sorrowful that he doesn’t remember anything. He asks Simmi why did he not remember anything if they lost a daughter of the house. Simmi tells Raman that Ishita is not a reliable person. She asks him to stay away from Ishita. She tells him that Ishita is a revengeful lady. Raman decides to cancel the business association with Ishita. He feels sorry for whatever happened with Simmi and Parmeet.

Raman tries recollecting the bad incidents happened in the past. He falls in disbelief. He gets back to drinking and risks his health further. Raman’s state gets worse. Ishita realizes she has forgot her phone in Raman’s car. She goes to Bhalla house to meet Raman and get her phone. Raman gets to meet Ishita. He feels he is imagining her. She tells him that she is really in front of him.

She gets glad to share a love moment with him. He gets angered that she has killed Ananya. He ends all business ties with her. He warns her against entering their lives again. Ishita bears his anger once again. Raman falls unconscious and takes her support. He feels he has a strong connection with her. Ishita steps inside the house to drop Raman. She is grateful that life got them together again. Aaliya sees Ishita at home and gets hopeful of her return. She informs Iyers about Ishita. Ishita sits by Raman’s side with concern. Ishita feels the family would welcome her. Simmi spots Ishita at home. She takes a step to throw out Ishita of everyone’s lives again. Ishita warns Simmi against hurting Raman. Simmi cancels the business contract to distant Ishita and Raman.



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