Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep-Aarohi’s bonding invites big trouble


Aarohi is diagnosed with split personality disorder. She has an emotional breakdown and gets Deep by her side. Deep pacifies her in the tough situation. Meanwhile, Tara sees Deep comforting Aarohi. She confronts Deep. She accuses him of falling in love with Aarohi. Deep denies everything. She tells him that she has witnessed him confessing his love to Aarohi. Aarohi hears Deep talking to someone and goes to check in the hall. Deep stops Aarohi and calms her down. Aarohi tries to find the hidden person.

Deep gets tensed when Lakshya comes over and talks to Aarohi about the crimes. Deep decides to divert Lakshya and keep him away from Aarohi. Aarohi gets the hear the accusations by Lakshya on Deep and his family. She gets a huge shock. Aarohi sees Maya and Diya in such a situation that she gets believing that Deep’s family is totally fake. Deep takes a drink for Aarohi. She tells him that she feels its drugged. Deep tries to prove her that her fears are wrong and the drink is not drugged. He consumes the drink to show to Aarohi.

Deep is not aware that Tara has indeed drugged the drink. He gets affected by the pills mixed in the drink and begins spilling the truth in front of Aarohi. Deep apologizes to Aarohi for whatever he did against her. He feels guilty. Aarohi gets puzzled hearing him. Deep stops himself from failing Tara’s plans. Tara worries for Deep’s reaction about the drugged drink. She decides to make up for her mistake. She makes a romantic plan and looks forward to spend time with Deep. Tara organizes everything, but Deep gets mistaken when he sees Aarohi. He unintentionally consummates his marriage with Aarohi. Deep and Aarohi’s romance leaves Tara raging for revenge. How will Tara deal with Deep’s cheat? Keep reading.


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