Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre: Adhiraj and Devi’s new phase


Devi can’t believe Maasa can go to this extent for her hatred. She feels Maasa has done much wrong for Adhiraj. Maasa gets angered and asks Devi to tell the truth to Adhiraj if she wants. She asks Devi to collect evidence first. She accepts the crime that she has got Adhiraj attacked. She tells Devi that Adhiraj will not believe her, even if she points a finger at her. Devi produces the evidence to shock Maasa. Maasa gets afraid that Devi will show the recording to Adhiraj. Maasa tries to keep Devi away from Adhiraj.

Devi understands Maasa’s fears. Devi doesn’t reveal anything to Adhiraj. She doesn’t hurt a mum’s heart, hoping Maasa will change. Devi gets the new task to get Kesar’s husband Mukund back. She wonders why Mukund left the house and family. She assures Kesar that she will get Mukund back. Devi is sure that there is a mystery behind Mukund’s leaving the house. Adhiraj will be going against Maasa for the first time and save Devi from the theft blame. His decision will be bringing many twists.



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