Naamkarann: Avni becomes Vidyut-Juhi’s prime target

Naamkarann serial

Vidyut tries proving Neil wrong. He tells the police that he has raised Juhi’s daughter and he has recently learnt that Neil is his father. He acts innocent and tells the commissioner that he didn’t know about Neil’s relation with Mishti. Neil fails to prove Vidyut’s crime. Vidyut asks Juhi to tell everyone what he did for Mishti. Juhi gives the statement in favor of Vidyut, which shocks Neil a lot. Juhi tells that Vidyut has raised Mishti with love. Neil is proved wrong. Commissioner gets disappointed thinking Neil is using laws for his personal rivalry. Neil gets angered on Juhi for lying to police. Juhi acts like a victim again. She tells Neil that she was afraid of Vidyut. She gets Mishti home and blames Avni for being careless and selfish to ignore Mishti.

She tries to prove to Neil that Avni has done wrong with Mishti. She asks Neil to question Avni. She tells him that she was helpless to lie as Vidyut could harm Mishti. She asks Neil to vent out his frustration on Avni.

Avni and Juhi get into an argument. Avni defends herself. Juhi asks Avni to accept her mistake. Avni asks Juhi how can she blame her knowing she is the one who got Mishti back. Mishti hits Juhi on seeing Juhi getting angry on Avni. Juhi blames Avni for spoiling Mishti. Ragini pandit plans to make Avni out of the Khanna family. She is happy that Juhi is ready to ruin Avni to get her place in Neil’s life.

Mishti doesn’t want Juhi to make Avni cry. She cares for Avni, than Juhi. Juhi tells the family that Mishti is getting a bad impact. Vidyut comes along with the doctor and angers Neil. He asks Neil to take care of injured Juhi. Neil loses his cool. Avni stops Neil from taking any wrong step. Neela and Shweta understand Juhi is changing, she is doing something wrong.

Vidyut asks Juhi to take his plan ahead. He tells Juhi that he has made Avni busy with Mishti, so that Avni doesn’t find Juhi’s truth. He asks Juhi to revive Avni’s wounds and sink her in sorrow. Neela and Shweta fear that Avni will break down if Juhi’s torture continues.

Juhi tries to prove to Neil that Avni is making Mishti away from her. Neil asks Juhi to stop it and think for Mishti. Juhi tries hard to get his sympathy. She gets on spitting poison against Avni. Neil gets angry on Juhi and goes to slap her. Avni stops Neil from his angry step. Juhi’s hatred for Avni gets evident to Neil. Juhi gets hell bent to do anything to throw Avni out of Neil’s life.


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