Shakti: Harman to dodge Preeto’s appeal

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Preeto requests Harman to forgive her once. He ignores Preeto feeling she is against planning against Soumya. Harman is adamant that he will not forgive Preeto. Soumya is trying hard to explain him that Preeto was not wrong. She has to convince Harman. She takes him to the lake side and tries to tell him about Preeto. She reminds him about his childhood, how his mum has always been a loving and dutiful figure. She knows Harman deeply loves Preeto, and that’s why he is more hurt on getting tricked by Preeto. She understands that once she carves out the bitter memories from his mind, his love for Preeto will be back.

He is much annoyed with Soumya, that she has supported Preeto. He doesn’t talk to Soumya and walks away. Harman sees a man pleading for help. He tells the man that no one will pay attention to him if he plays dhol this way. He helps the man by playing the dhol and getting people’s attention. He tells the man that he has got much experience by playing dhol, as that was his medium to earn a living too. He gets some earnings for the man.

The man thanks Harman for selflessly helping him. Soumya sees Harman’s good side again. She sees him from far till he finishes his talk with the man. She follows Harman. Soumya asks him to forgive Preeto once. He asks her to stop it. She asks him why can’t he help Preeto if he can help a random man on the road. Harman tells her that the man deserved to get his help, while Preeto is a liar and fraud woman, who always deceived him by fake love. He asks Soumya not to try to convince him, he will never melt his heart for Preeto again. Soumya tells him that she is also determined to unite him with his mum. Will Soumya succeed in her task? Keep reading.






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