Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Heartbreak twist for Naina-Sameer


Naina makes a sweater for Sameer with much love. She fails to tell anyone about it. Her sister gets that sweater for her husband. Preeti pulls Naina’s leg. Naina hides her feelings for Sameer. She wonders if Sameer also loves her, or is her love just one-sided. Naina plans to take Sameer’s test. They leave for the school trip. The bus tyre gets punctured. The students have fun on the way.

Sameer stays with his friends. Naina’s friend tells her an idea to find out if Sameer loves her. Naina finds the idea strange. Her friend tells her that her ideas always work. She says there is much time, and you can utilize this to know if Sameer loves you or not. Naina agrees to do anything to know Sameer’s feelings. Naina’s move falls wrong. Misunderstandings grow between them. Naina and Sameer have a breakup. Naina removes him from heart. She ends all her crazy doings to make herself away from Sameer. Naina suffers from a heartbreak.


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