Amma ji prepares to face Balwant in Laado 2

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Amma ji turns into her old self again. She doesn’t want to spare Jhanvi’s culprits. She takes her angry avatar. She prepares the gun powder bombs to teach a lesson to Balwant. She is ready to raise a voice against Balwant. She wants to free the village women from the tortures of Balwant. She wants to take revenge form Balwant, when he insults her by making fun of Jhanvi’s murder. Balwant and his men celebrate and have a party at home. Balwant is overconfident that no one can challenge him. Amma ji gets prepared to face Balwant and end his existence.

She wants to clean the society so that the women can breath peacefully. She thinks of getting a women team for support. Amma ji is dealing with much sorrow. She has shut the sorrow and pain in her heart, as she has focussed on her aim to punish the culprits.

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She didn’t express her grief. She wants to get justice for Jhanvi. Amma ji wants to lay her strong foot. She gets women on board and makes a path to nab the culprits. She connects with the village women and becomes their voice. She is sure to reach Balwant and ruin him. She doesn’t want any other girl to bear tortures. She shifts to the village to fight for women. Balwant is blind by his pride and powers. Amma ji will be failing him by using all her wits and courage.

Anushka’s search is still going on. Yuvraaj gets some relevant information and shares with her. Anushka and Yuvraaj get to know about Revati, who has also went through the same tortures. They try to meet Revati and know the culprits. Anushka keeps thinking what happened with Jhanvi. She doesn’t get peace. She gets a bad dream and misses Jhanvi.

She gets scared when she senses someone has entered her house. She feels the goons have come to target her. She calls Yuvraaj for help. Yuvraaj reaches her in some time to save her. Anushka doesn’t like Amma ji taking things in her hand. She believes in law and wants Amma ji not to flow in emotions. She knows law is important. She wants to get justice for Jhanvi by going the legal way. Anushka and Yuvraaj have a romantic moment, when he turns protective about her. They get determined to punish Jhanvi’s culprits.






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